Sunday , 18 November 2018
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How to SSH to EC2 instance – AWS

Hi folks, This is my first post on cloud topic and we will deep dive into more AWS and DevOps topics in future. Thank you for visiting the site. Everything is cloud now, it’s important that we need to take a deep dive into it so that the future will be more secure and fruitful. Let’s start with login to ... Read More »

What is Nginx web server

Introduction Nginx is a web server that can handle large number of connections and it’s often called a high-performance web server. It was initially designed to tackle the 10K problem, it’s nothing but serving 10,000 cuncurrent connections. Nginx can be used as a web server as well as a reverse proxy. Install Nginx The steps for installing nginx on a ... Read More »

What is a Web Server and What is Apache?

What is Web Server A web server is a remote computer or web server software that delivers the files or web pages requested by clients. An HTTP web server is the one that delivers the requested content over Hypertext Transfer Protocol. What is Apache Apache is a free open source web server software developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is ... Read More »

How To Fix Error: kernel neighbour table overflow – Linux

Hi, If you guys are getting the below mentioned error with the syslog, you can follow the steps mentioned in here to have a fix for it. The error in the syslog will look like below: kernel: Neighbour table overflow This problem usually occurs in 2.6X kernels if your node is inside a large network. There is no need to ... Read More »

How to Use lsof Command in Security Analysis – Linux

Hi all, Server security is very important when we run important applications or websites on servers. As a Linux systems administrator enhancing security or finding intruders, hackers etc and block them from taking or destroying our data is inevitable. Security features can be added, there are many applications, tools for this which can alert us when something suspicious happens, at ... Read More »

Useful lsof Commands and Switches – Linux

lsof command in Linux: lsof is one of the most powerful tool for all sysadmins to check and analyze processes running on your Linux server. This gives a detailed information about processes running on the server, path to the executables and other library files the process is calling. In other words, it gives a list of all opened files on ... Read More »

How to install Proftpd in Ubuntu/CentOS/RedHat

Hi Linux users, This is going to be a less content blog post, I will just tell how we can install proftpd in various flavors or servers we have with us. 1. How to install proftpd in CentOS and Redhat Linux: The method is very easy as you all know, we can do it with the help of yum. Please ... Read More »

No Internet Access in CentOS 7 VirtualBox

Hi, I was trying to create a Virtual Machine using oracle virtual box, I was able to create the VM with CentOS 7 installed on it but I checked the internet access, I found there were no internet access with it. I tried to ping ‘’ and failed. I did a google search on this as we all do and ... Read More »

Backup and Restore a Single Table in MySQL Database

Hello, Taking the backup of a single table of a MySQL database and restoring it is possible via command line. You might have done this using phpmyadmin or via other applications, let’s check how this can be done using the command line tool. I am not writing too much, let’s directly move to the steps: NOTE: Please take necessary backups ... Read More »